Lourdes B.

Awesome Sauce

Gift ideas for the hot sauce enthusiast.

Hot Sauce Gift Set Ghost Pepper Sauce Scorpion Wax Sealed Hottest Collection

  • jamaalr

    How does this gift set come packaged? Is it in a gift box or wooden box?

  • odells

    It comes in a regular cardboard box.


Secret Aardvark Combo 3-Pack, 8 fl oz

  • odells

    These are really good, not quite as hot as I expected though. Also, the bottelss are pretty small.


SockGuy Sriracha Wool Crew Sock One Color, L/XL - Men's

  • odells

    LOL! I'm getting 7 pair (for each day of the week) and the sriracha coffee mug, my coworkers are going to freak.

  • robm1

    @odells, great plan!


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